Kco’s Birthday Party & Concert



     There was a birthday party for a friend of mine last Sunday. It was not an ordinary party. It was a kind of concert! The friend and some of her friends played the music at a café named Sakura Café in Motoyama.HI351903-a

     There were seven players. One played the clarinet, one played the flute, three of them sang songs, and two of them played the piano and sang at the same time.   

     Various kinds of music were played by them: old hit music such as the Beatles and the Carpenters, and Jazz such as Lullaby of Birdland and so on. 

     According to the clarinet player, she hadn’t even touched her clarinet for a long time and had to repair it and to practice hard for the party. け

     The party organizer, who played the piano and sang at the party, said that she wanted to show people that everyone could do many things if they wanted through the concert. だ

     After we enjoyed ourselves playing and listening to the music, we chattered over some sandwiches, cake and coffee.

     The whale of a time went by before I knew it. I felt like recharging my batteries at the party. I had a really nice time with my friends.

                                                               Happy Birthday, Kco!


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