The Exhibition of Art of Calligraphy


     HI351847Last Wednesday I had an opportunity to see a big exhibition of art of calligraphy. It’s been held since Aug. 26 to 31 at Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in center of Nagoya.

     I visited the museum before I went to an English class because the class is held at NHK Center Building, which is next to the museum. 

     The exhibition booth was even bigger than I had thought. I needed much time to see all of the works. If I had appreciated the exhibition carefully, I might have been there for several hours. 

     There were a large amount of works of calligraphy in the place. Probably it had more than 15.000 works. I was so surprised at the large number of calligraphy lovers. HI351851

     The exhibition was quite interesting. There were many kinds of works as well.
Some were written on big paper as long as the wall, some on small pieces of paper. Some were written in bold stroke, some in spidery writing. Some were written by dilute ink, some by intense black ink.  

     I had thought until seeing the exhibition that Japanese calligraphy is written texts in vertical direction, but some works were written horizontally. Some works had English words, too. HI351850

     I didn’t know that calligraphy has engraving. I saw many wooden works. On the board Chinese characters are engraved and painted. I’ve learn there’re many techniques for calligraphy this time.  HI351852

     I think it’s interesting that many people depict themselves by letters.


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