The Global Understanding Class for Kids in Nisshin


     There was a kind of global understanding class for children in Nisshin last Tuesday. I attended it because that I had helped a friend of mine, who was one of organizers of the event, and that I invited some of my foreign friends as guests there.

     During the preparation for the event, there were many problems and troubles. So I was worried there for a while. But it was a big success. Because even I was really relieved when it was over, the friend must have felt a load off her mind. 国際2

     The class was held at Nisshin Citizens’ Hall and had some 40 kids. The number of the foreign guests were five; an American man, a Greek lady, a Korean lady, a Peruvian man and a Spanish man. 国際3

     In the class, after each foreign guest introduced himself or herself in their native language, the MC asked all of the guests what Japanese food they like and don’t like. Then the children were separated in four groups. Each group had at least one foreign guest and talked freely. 

     After a while, the guests switched and they talked to different children. It seems that some kids learn English and they talked to the foreign guests in English directly. Some guests speak Japanese, but some spoke through interpreters.国際4

     After the free conversation, it was a quiz time. The guests gave some questions related to their home countries to the children. Each group contended for prizes. The children were really excited. I was added to a group of children and thought of answers together with children. I had a nice time. 国際5

     By the way, the reason why I got involved in the event in the first place was that the friend had asked me to help with finding some foreign guests. She had found four people, but two of them canceled because of their jobs before the week. You know, it’s difficult to find someone from other countries now because most of them are home on vacation.  国際6

     But I was able to find three participants. One is Mariano, from who I have learned Spanish before. I know he doesn’t like such an event where he has to make a presentation in front of people. So, first he refused to come to the event. But the friend and I persuaded him. Although he didn’t feel up to it, his presentation was wonderful. He is really good with kids. 

     I also asked a Peruvian lady to come to the event, but she couldn’t because of her job. Her husband, however, became a guest instead of her. Unlike his wife, he is not used to such an event. But his presentation was excellent. He showed how to play with a top, and traditional Peruvian costumes too. 国際7

     And I asked an American man to help and he accepted with pleasure the invitation to make a presentation. He brought not only his two children but also a lot of excitement to the event. He is very good at warming up. He also prepared many things for the event, but unfortunately there was not enough time to do whole things…

     Of course, other two ladies’ presentations were great as well. I was touched by their earnest attempts. I really appreciate those guests’ cooperation. I hope that the event promoted global understanding for those Japanese children.


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