The Friendship Festival at Yokota Air Base


FF poster      It rained hard on Saturday. I went to Yokota Air Base in Fussa City, Tokyo in the heavy rain. I joined in a bus tour with some of my friends. You usually can’t enter the base, but you could last Saturday and Sunday because of a friendship festival. Fussa City and the base have the festival in the base once a year. HI351787

     What time do you think the bus we got on left Nagoya station for the base? It left at seven in the morning! I had to get up at 4:45 a.m.! And when we got off the bus, it was around 12:30. How far!

     We couldn’t enter the base soon. We had to walk more than 1 km to the gate in the rain. We couldn’t walk smoothly because the street around the base was very crowded. My feet were sopping wet before getting the gate.横田1

     When we managed to get to the gate, what we saw was a long line for the security check. We showed inside our bags at the entrance and we were about to walk away when two men ran up to us and shouted, “Stop! Show your ID cards!”

     What? All people around us stared at us. No one was asked to show their ID cards except for us. The men looked at us suspiciously and we looked at each other in complete confusion. They got through our ID cards and finally we were able to enter the base. 横田2

     It was really crowded…I couldn’t see anything except for people’s umbrellas! A small train was running to take people to the festival place, and there was a long line to get it on, too. We decided to keep on walking. HI351794

     At last we arrived at the festival place when we saw many stalls there. We got beer and hamburgers, hotdogs and a steak set for lunch. To be honest those foods were not so good…But beer, bread and steak sauce were pretty nice. 

     After quick lunch, we went to see planes. On the way to the strip, we saw a lot of patties being burned, oops, roasted. Smelt really nice! I wanted to try one, but I gave up right away because I saw a long queue for the hamburgers. We didn’t have much time to be there because we had to go back the bus by 4:00. It takes at least 30 minutes to the bus from the gate in the crowd even if we walk with a quick step.  MA320026

     On the vast strip there w ere many planes and choppers. Every plane looked so big for me. I like seeing planes. It seems that some planes just came there in the morning from other bases. I heard that one had come from Korea that morning. Wow! Just for the festival! MA320023 

     Unfortunately many attractions were cancelled because of the bad weather. Exactly most of what I saw there were people’s umbrellas! But I enjoyed the atmosphere at the base very much.  MA320027

     Because of the crowd, we left a little bit earlier the base and strolled on the street, where there are many shops for G.I. Each has created a unique atmosphere. Interestingly many stalls along the street were selling cucumbers! I don’t know why? I’m wondering whether it is popular to eat a whole cucumber in Fussa…

     Anyway we had a nice time at the base. I’d like to join in the festival again when it’s sunny.


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