SISAY at Nagoya Castle


      I went to Nagoya Castle on Tuesday night with some of my friends, and had a wonderful time there. There has been a summer festival in the castle and it has many events every day. And that day SISAY‘s concert was held!

     SISAY, which means blooming in Kechua, is an Ecuadorian folklore music group. I’ve liked them since I first saw them at Aichi Expo three years ago.HI351766

     Checking emails the other day, I noticed a free mail publication arrived. It said that SISAY was appearing at the festival in Nagoya Castle. I decided to go see their concert right away and I thought it would be nice if someone came with me. That’s why I passed the information to my friends. And five of them accompanied me.HI351769

     SISAY’s concert was scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. but four of us went to the castle around 5:00. We decided to look around the castle before the concert because one of us had never been there.

     After one-hour-tour of the castle, we met other two of my friends and got drink and food at stalls. We enjoyed chattering over beer and food. I really like drinking beer outside!HI351770

     When we arrived at the concert place, many people had already gathered. I talked to some of people who were there and waited for the concert.

     SISAY appeared. Their sound was so nice. I got a dreamy feeling in the evening cool breeze. For a change, Cesar was playing the base. He usually plays other musical instruments such as the pan flute, the violin, the guitar, and charango. Anyway he is cool! The red shirt looked nice on him! HI351771

     Before I knew it, most people were standing and dancing. Of course, so was I! Dance! Dance! Dance!

     Ah! Time flies! After an hour, the stage finished…I basked in the afterglow of the concert there for a while…


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