Night Zoo


After the tai chi training workshop I went to Higashiyama Zoo with a friend of mine. The zoo usually closes at 4:50 p.m., but it opened until 8:30 p.m. because of “Night Zoo” that day.

     I happened to know about it when I saw the advertisement hung in the subway train a few days before. I was thrilled because I had been interested in visiting a zoo in the evening.HI351749

     The friend and I entered the zoo past six o’clock. Ordinary at that time there must be no visitors in the zoo, but there were many families and couples in it that day.  

      Most of cages were dark, but I saw some red lights shining in places. It appeared that those animals illuminated by the red lights are nocturnal. HI351754

     I had expected to see some of the nocturnal animals’ special behavior in darkness, but unfortunately I couldn’t. They were just standing, lying down, sleeping, or eating something. It was the same as in the daytime…Probably they show things in their true colors at midnight when no one is in the zoo. HI351751

     I think for the animals in the zoo, Night Zoo is an annoying event because they can’t rest even in the evening. If I were in captivity in the zoo, I would shout, “Don’t look at me!”

     I couldn’t see anything special at Night Zoo and feel sorry for the animals, but I’d like to visit the zoo at night again. I like the mysterious atmosphere.


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