The Tai Chi Workshop in Summer 2008


There was an annual big tai chi meeting at Aichi Prefectural Gymnastic last Sunday and I took part in it. It was a kind of workshop and the participants learned a lot about tai chi there.

     It started at 10:30 a.m. and finished past four p.m. First there was an awarding ceremony. An 80-year-old woman was recognized by her long continuation of doing tai chi and her age. Amazingly she looked sixtyish! Oh! If I kept on practicing tai chi for a long time, I would look younger than my real age when I get to eighty as well!HI351742

     After the ceremony, the participants practiced standing style Zen. And we did hachi-dan-nishiki, or eight section brocades, which is an exercise combining stretching and qigong. Then we did tai chi all the way through. HI351743

     With an hour lunch time between in mid-course, the participants learned tai chi by six sections. There are many style tai chi all over the world, and what I practice is Yan Min-Shih style one and it has 24 actions. HI351744

     The teachers of the workshop are the few people who had learned tai chi from the late Yan Min-Shih, who is the founder of the style. So, they teach us not only tips for doing tai chi, but also the philosophy of the founder. 

    What I learned there are: You don’t need to do tai chi well. Practicing tai chi is not just to enhance your skills. You don’t compare yourselves with others. The main purpose for doing tai chi is to do well and to stay healthy. Keep on enjoying doing tai chi!


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