Summer festivals


HI351717      I went to two festivals yesterday: One was held at Mori-no-ie, which is a physically challenged people’s institution in my neighborhood, and another was at the approach to Nittai-ji Temple, in Kakuoh-zan. I went to the former for lunch and to the latter for evening meal.

     The physically challenged people’s institution Mori-no-ie opens their facility to the community once a year in July.HI351718

      There were many stalls for selling food such as Sri Lankan curry, Brazilian cuisine, Vietnamese noodle, cake and cookies, doughnuts, and shaved ices and so on, and many booths of massage, chiropractic, and other kind of medical treatment this year. 

     First I got a kind of massage called seifu there. After relaxing by the massage, I had Sri Lankan curry and rice set and Brazilian mince pie called pastel and Churrasco with beer. Both of the Sri Lankan curry and the Brazilian cuisine were the real things. I enjoyed not only food but also conversation with Sri Lankan and Brazilian people. Then I had another massage there. I enjoyed the festival very much!HI351720

     Relaxing, I came back home and took a nap. You know, it’s been really hot in Japan, especially in Central area of the country, recently. You shouldn’t go out during the day time! After several minutes past five, I decided to go to another festival in Kakuoh-zan.

     In Kakuoh-zan, there’s a well-known Buddhist temple, Nittai-ji. The festival was held at the approach to the temple. During the festival, it’s a vehicle-free area. 

     When I arrived at Kakuoh-zan station, I heard rock music. A rock band was performing at the stage. HI351719

     Wow! When I turned the corner of the stage, I saw many people and stalls on the approach: glasswork, potteries, accessories, dress, beer, wine, pizza, yakisoba noodle, barbecued chicken and beef, cheese, sandwiches, sweets, massage (!), etc! I was so excited!    覚王山

     First I had French white beer and a few crab coquettes, next had Japanese beer and a piece of pizza. Then I had a shaved ice with lemon syrup, some iced tea and iced chai, looking in stalls one after another. That was really fun! On my way home, I dropped by a Starbucks and had an iced double caramel macchiato there.

     Ahhhh, I had a really wonderful day!


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