Students’ Concert



     Last Saturday I wen t to an interesting concert with some of my friends. A friend of mine, K appeared in it. HI351681

     The concert was for students of Prisca Molotsi, who is originally from South Africa and has been around as a jazz singer in Nagoya, Japan, and teaches singing to Japanese at the various places such as Chukyo University. At the concert, students of hers, including a friend of mine, performed. HI351692 

     The concert was held at a jazz bar named Jazz Mary Poppins near Chukyo University last Saturday. About 25 students of Prisca’s sang enthusiastically. 

     Some of them looked veteran and happy at their time, but some looked really nervous and darted away from the stage as soon as they finished singing. HI351670As for my friend K, she didn’t look nervous at all and sang majestically. Her performance was impressive! I thought it was the first time for her to perform in public…?

     A few novices at singing in public went into a panic, but Prisca led them or their friends sang together, resulting in wonderful performances. But the great accomplishment was not only by the students’ effort but also by the pianist, the bassist and the drummer who were backing them.   HI351664

     The pianist played the piano marvelously no matter what kinds of scores he was given. Some scores had just simple chords when I looked in.

     Anyway I enjoyed seeing the concert very much. Somehow, I have a sigh of relief as if I had been a performer when it was over, though…


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