Handcraft Fair 2008 in Nagoya


hc1      There was an annual event on handcraft at Fukiage Hall in Nagoya last Friday and Saturday. It was the 20th anniversary this year. I went there with some of my friends last Friday. hc3

     Every year nearly 200 groups including yarn companies, sawing machine companies, book shops, knitting schools and cloth shops and many lovers of craftwork or handcrafts get together at the place. 

     I am one of those who love to make something, and take part in the event every year. I like to see around many booths and to shop something interesting there. hc

       I thought there were fewer shops that sold odds and ends this year. There were, however, many booths to make something on trial instead. HI351606

     Probably most people made something at the event, but didn’t buy many things. I saw many empty-handed people on the way back from the place. Does it have to do with economic depression?  HI351607

     As for me, it’s better to find something in jumble sale. I prefer buying some pieces of “junk”, dreaming of what I am going to make with them, to taking part in a trial class at the place. 

     But I didn’t buy any junk this year because of the new direction of the event. I just bought two pendants, one for a friend of mine’s birthday present and one for myself, this time. Oh, I can save of my money!

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