Monthly Archives: June 2008




     One of my Nepali friends emailed me yesterday. In the email, there’s an interesting legend of the monarchy. As you know, Nepal finished the monarchy which had been for 240 years and became a federal democratic republic at the end of last month.

     According to the friend, a priest prophesied that Nepal would have 11 kings in the monarchy when it started 240 years ago. And King Gyanendra, who was the last king, was the 11th! So he is very surprised that the prophecy has become true.  IMG_9978   

     It’s said that the priest added that the 11th king would be on the throne three times. And the 11th king, Gyanendra was crowned two times!

     That’s why, my friend is wondering if the new republicanism will finish and King Gyanendra will come back to the palace someday…What do you think?