Golden Country Bengal


HI351620      There was a small event entitled “The Evening of the Golden Country Bengal” at Nisshin Citizen Hall last Friday night and I went see it with some of my friends.

     It was on Bangladeshi culture including a concert by a Bangladeshi band called Gram Bangla and a performance by Bangladeshi dancers. Participants enjoyed not only music and dance but also chai and some Bangladeshi snack in the interval.HI351631

     At the event, firstly the band played the music. I don’t know the real titles in Bengali, but they mean “Ears of rice is wavering in the horizon like twinkling flowers”, “The sun rose in the east horizon”, and “I visit your heart every before day.” And they also played their national anthem.

     Before that day I had thought their music would be similar to Indian one. But it sounded more like Japan’s Okinawan music. I think their music has a kind of healing power. HI351617

     It was the first time for me to see all the instruments they played with. They look beautiful and sound wonderful. It’s said some of them are made of jack fruit trees.

     Next, there was a dance performance by Monu, who is one of my neighbors, and her cute daughters. Their costumes were really beautiful and their performances were excellent, especially those little girls were very cute. HI351627

     And then there was an introduction of Bangladesh and their folk costumes. The person who introduced their country was Monu’s husband. I felt deeply for his words. He said, “Bangladesh is always introduced as one of the poorest countries in Japan. The media direct a spotlight on their economic problems mainly. But there are many wonderful culture and remains in Bangladesh. I’d like many Japanese to know those wonderful points and to visit the country.” HI351625

     I just watched a TV program on Bangladeshi economy just a few days before. In the program, people who are struggling to get free from poverty were picked up. And I had never thought of Bangladesh cultural heritages before listening to his words. HI351634

     There was a tea break and participants enjoyed chai and some Bangladeshi traditional food. That was wonderful! After the break, the band played the music again. Their powerful performances refreshed me very much!

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