Mid-Summer Tea Tasting Party


お茶屋2      I took part in a tea-tasting party after the seminar on guiding last Saturday. I had a wonderful time with my friends there.

     At the party, participants checked each tea’s leaves, liquid color, flavor, and aroma and so on and tried to express about them with your own words, enjoying having tea over various food and chatting. I think it’s similar to tasting of wine. お茶屋1

     The host, Paul is very good at expressing each tea, for example, he expressed about the Darjeeling Castleton 1st flush like this, “This is summer tea. I feel as if I’m lying in the field and feeling the summer breeze.” or something. It’s quite difficult for me to express about tea like him…I think he’s a kind of poet.   HI351597

     This time the number of the participants was around 20. We had about ten kinds of tea: Darjeeling Castleton 1st flush, the 2nd flush, Elephant Assam, Keemun Hao ya A and B, Ceylon Uva, Dimbula, Earl Gray, hot and iced some fruits tea, and …I forgot…We also had many kinds of food such as chocolates, cookies, jellies, rice crackers, sandwiches and pies with tea. All of the tea and food were excellent!HI351594

      According to Paul, each tea has best match food. Yeah, I think it’s true. All tea is called “tea” and of course made from “tea” leaves. But each tea’s looks of leaves and liquid color are obviously different from others and of course the aroma and the flavor are different. That’s why it’s not strange to choose the best match food for each tea.  

     The host of the tea tasting party, Paul Lewis, is a president of a tea company named M&P’s Tea. The company name’s P means initial of his name Paul. What does the M mean, then? M means Paul’s business partner, Masanori. Paul is a descendant of a manager of the East India Company. Castleton where the Darjeeling tea we had is from was opened by his ancestor. Paul’s ancestor’s story and Masanori’s story on Sri Lanka were very interesting too at the party. Knowing many things about tea and tasting good tea may make your life much richer!


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