There has been an exhibition of Marc Chagall’s works at Mindscape Museum in Okazaki. I went see it last Sunday. I’ve liked Chagall’s works of art since I was an elementary school student.HI351591

     I wonder when I met his works for the first time. Probably it was when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Of course what I saw was not a genuine one. The encounter was at the school library. HI351584

     I don’t read recently so much, but I used to love books and often to be in the library. Perhaps I found one of Chagall’s portfolios in a corner of bookshelves while choosing books and his paintings must have fascinated me when I opened the book.

     Since then I often took it home to gaze on his works well. What I remember well is that the lending slip of the portfolio has only my names at the elementary school. At last I had an opportunity to see genuine pictures by Chagall last Sunday!HI351587

     Mindscape Museum is located in a silent hilly terrain in Okazaki and there are a big park and a hospital nearby. It is made of glasses and looks modern. A little bit small, but is very cozy. HI351590

     At the exhibition, Chagall’s early works are gathered many, such as his etching works in 1914 and paintings in 1922, which are his works before he left Russia. The exhibition has the wall paintings of the Jewish Theater in Moscow. Those are spectacular. His paintings in his times in Paris and the Unites States and also his recent works are also displayed. I had a really good time there.

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