Ikebana Exhibition


ikebana      There has been an exhibition of Ikebana, or the Japanese art of flower arrangement, at Matsuzakaya, the department store in Nagoya. I went see it with two of my friends because my tai chi teacher’s piece was displayed there last Wednesday.  HI351565

     There are nearly 400 schools of Ikebana in Japan and my teacher belongs to one of them named Ohara-ryu school. And the exhibition was held by the school. HI351572

     Since I’ve never learned Ikebana, I don’t know exactly what the differences among those schools are, but I’ve heard that Ohara-ryu is kind of simpler as compared with some of others which tend to show fancy.  HI351574

     Though it may be true, I think it depends on the person who arranges flowers. In fact, I thought there were many differences of the way of expression in each Ikebana when I was at the exhibition. HI351580

     It’s said that Ikebana originates from offering flowers on Buddhist altars in ancient times, but that it has begun as an art in the 15th century.

     Ikebana differs from Western flower arrangement in that it has many rules. People can express their own feelings with flowers freely but the technique cannot deviate when they do Ikebana. HI351578

     To be honest, I don’t like such a formal world with strict rules and hierarchies, but I appreciated the exhibition.

      It was a kind of mysterious universe; quietness and loudness, small and big, wildflowers and imported products, Japanese pottery and Western glassware, tradition and innovation…Each exhibitor expressed their own feelings freely with their school methods.

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