Birthday Party at LOVELY


HI351529      The other day, I received a letter of invitation from a friend of mine. It said the following…

    ★★th BIRTHDAY PARTY at LOVELYてるぽん3

     This year, I turn ★★years old.
     I organized something “daring” for
     my birthday.
     I have haunted JAZZ concerts in
     recent years,
and it awaked my old memories that
     I used to
listen to standards saying,
     “How cool…”
“Oh, I want to sing songs like
     a singer!”
Mr. Masaki Hayashi,
the pianist, has offered me help in
                                                  realizing my dream. 
I’ve reserved LOVELY.  Yes, I’ve got guts.
                                                  I’ll be very happy if you come to the party!


     There’s a reason why she used the words such as “daring” and “I’ve got guts.” Jazz in LOVELY is a very famous live music club for blazing a trail of the field and standing long in Nagoya. In brief, the live music club is not usually a place where amateurs play.  

     But she did the concert at the place last night! Helping her was not only the pianist, Masaki Hayashi, but also a professional saxist, Kazuhiko Kondo, played together as well. HI351521

     The party started with the two professional musicians playing. The saxist is active in many music scenes as a saxist for many bands, an arranger, or a manager for concert tours of other artists. He played as a member of the band for Akira Terao who appeared at “Koh-haku Uta-gassen”, which is a kind of national TV program for New Year’s Eve, last year. The pianist is also rustling and often plays abroad. The performances by two professional players were really fantastic.  てるぽん4 

     And my friends came on. She was very beautiful in gorgeous black dress. She looked as if she were a professional singer!

     Her singing voice was gentle and sweet and very comfortable to listen. It seems she went to karaoke by herself to practice singing songs many times. And her efforts resulted in success! Her song was no less wonderful than the two professional players!てるぽん2

     According to her, a concert incited her to have it. I don’t know exactly what it was like, but she decided to have her own concert while seeing the concert. She said, “I am an ordinary middle-aged woman. I wanted to show such an ordinary woman can do anything she desires to do. I hope my performance cheered all of you. Thank you!”

     Yes! I think all of the participants at the party were borne up by her! Thanks!

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