A Rose House



     There is a house which I’ve been interested in near Hoshigaoka. It’s a rose house, which is covered with many beautiful roses in the middle of May every year. In the evening it’s even lighted up! I thought it was a shop or something first, but it’s a just private house. 

     One evening I happened to pass over the street where the rose house was by car. The house covered roses was being silhouetted against the dark because it was illuminated by some lights. That was spectacular! Then I remembered that a friend of mine had mentioned that she was an acquaintance of the inhabitants of the rose house. 

     That’s why I asked her to take me to the rose house after a tai chi class, where she and I are classmates, last Tuesday. She was willing to comply with my request.  

     The lady who lives in the rose house kindly welcomed us in spite of an abrupt visit. It was very cool and quiet inside the gate, and sweet smell of roses was wafting around. Surprisingly those pink roses which are covering over the house are growing from only one tree. According to her, her husband has taken care of the roses for many years.   

     When I said to the lady I had thought her house was a restaurant or something first, she said smilingly, “I often find young couples sitting in the terrace since they take my house for a restaurant or a café.”

     It was really hot that day when my friend and I visited. Probably it was nearly 30 degrees outside. It was, however, very cool in the rose house. According to the lady, she used a heater at night before the day despite being 30 degrees during the daytime.

     After having a wonderful time at the rose house, my friend invited me to her house. She made a delicious coffee and served me some wonderful sweets bought at a famous cake shop named Brownie in Meito-ku, Nagoya. I enjoyed chatting with her over coffee and cake. Ah! What a wonderful day I had!

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