Global Friendship Party 3


      Two of my friends hold parties for Japanese who don’t have many opportunities to speak English in spite of studying it. It’s Global Friendship Party and the third one was held at a coffee shop named Calm in Meito-ku, Nagoya last Thursday on 22. There’s a rule in each party. It’s speaking in English!  

     There were about 20 people in the party including three people from foreign countries such as Estonia, Belarus, and France. Since the Estonian lady has joined in all of the three parties, I know her. It was, however, the first time to see the Belarusian lady and the French man for me.

     The Estonian lady acted very well as the master of ceremony. I think she’s good at presiding. She wore a very pretty suit on which beautiful flowers were painted that day, and looked very nice in it.

     Since the French man mentioned that he used to go for a drink before dinner in France, I asked him that he drank French wine at bars. And he replied, “Nooooooo!” According to him, wine is drunk when people have dinner usually at home.

     When you eat out in Japan, you can easily find many good restaurants which serve cheap and delicious food. But it seems that people usually pay at least 3000 yen each person for dinner when they eat out in France. That’s why most people have dinner home. He said that he had beer or strong alcohol at bars. And I’ve heard that Japanese culture has become popular in France, but it seems that Japanese food has not spread yet.

     The Belarusian lady was really beautiful. She has a nice figure. According to her, her both parents used to athletes. She didn’t say but I think she must do something sports. She told me a story about a mysterious lake.

     There is a lake in Belarus. In the legend, it saved Belarusians from the German invasion at the war. The lake is very deep, but it doesn’t look so and is hidden behind forests. So troops are trapped in the lake when they are trying to entering by force without knowing about it…

     I was able to listen to interesting stories from a Japanese man, who is a member of JAICA, at the party as well. I had a nice time again. The next party will be held on July 15. I’m going to take part in it so far.

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