Eight Section Brocade by Sitting in the Chair



     There was a meeting on tai chi at the auditorium in Tsurumai last Sunday. And I participated in it.

     The auditorim is located in a park named Tsuruma(i) Koen. Tsuruma(i) means that cranes dance, but there’s no cranes in the park. But Nagoya citizens enjoy seeing many colorful flowers in each season and relaxing time in the shade of big trees at the park. 

     There was a festival of flowers and there were some food stands in the park when I went there last Sunday. But I didn’t go to the park to see flowers at that time. As I said at the beginning, I went there to participate in a meeting on tai chi at the auditorium. It was the first time to visit there after I graduated from the junior high school about XX years ago. 

     The auditorium was built for the memory of the wedding of the Emperor Showa (Hirohito) in Tsurumai, Nagoya in 1930. It was used as a military headquarters during the war and was requisitioned by GHQ and was a theater for the exclusive use of soldiers in the Allied Forces until 1956. Anyway the meeting was held at that historical place.

     I’m learning tai chi, but I learned how to do the eight section brocade by sitting in the chair that day. The eight section brocade is a kind of qigong used as exercise. I do it before doing tai chi, but I usually do it by standing. If you’re interested in the eight section brocade, how about reading this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight_Pieces_of_Brocade

     You know, Japan has become the aging society, and its average life expectancy is the longest in the world. But not all aged people live healthily without any troubles in their bodies. So, many sitting style exercises were thought up for them. 

     Tai chi and the eight section brocade are exercises, but are fundamentally qigong. So those will make you feel better and generate energy all over your body even if you do them in the chair.



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