The Beatles Class



     There’re many men who are into the Beatles all over the world, and I know one of them…I joined in a class on the Beatles of his last week. It was an English class of spring intensive courses at a university.

     The class was already held twice and the one I joined was the third. This time the participants studied inside stories of their songs in chronological order from Love Me Do to I Want to Hold Your Hand.


Simple Time Line (1957-1964)
1957: Paul and John meet each other (July 6)

1958: George joins

1960: “The Quarrymen” to “The Beatles”
The first tour in Hamburg, Germany after an audition in Liverpool

1961: Music scene changes (it becomes more seriously from just BGM)

1962: EMI Record contract
Please Please Me (album) (Sep.)
Love me do (single) (Oct.)
Brian Epstein becomes their manager (Nov,)

1963: She Loves You (single) (Aug. 23)
London Palladium Show (Oct. 13)
BBC news and news paper headline
Sweden Tour (Oct.)
I Want to Hold Your Hand (Nov.)
         J.F.K is killed. (Nov.)
With the Beatles (album) (Nov.)

1964: I Want to Hold Your Hand hits in the US (Jan.)
American Tour (Feb.) – Washington Coliseum Concert
Ed Sullivan Show (Feb.)
It’s Hard Day’s Night Movie
Shea Stadium Concert in the US

       Through the class, I saw many videos and listened to many songs of the Beatles and the other musicians.

     As for songs of the Beatles I listened in the classroom are not only released ones but also outtakes.

     I saw many valuable videos too, for example, the one in which Ringo appeared before the audience at Cavern club first time, or the one where Ringo is singing while playing the drums.

     And the class was not just passive for students. We played their songs on the musical instruments like a rock band!

     I played “It’s Hard Day’s Night”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “All My Loving” on the bass. My technique was not so good because I hadn’t played the bass for a long time. But that was really fun!


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