A Song Class?



     The second and the third weeks of March, I joined in a spring intensive course of tai chi, in some parties and in some meetings, went to an exhibition at Matsuzakaya Museum in Sakae, went to a clinic in Handa for my spine problem, and visited a friend of mine at the hospital in Ogaki twice. I was almost groggy by the hay fever and the fever of a common cold during the weeks…

     And then in the third week an English spring intensive course started and I attended it for four days with the thick head. It was held at house of a friend of mine. Actually I organized two courses including the one and 13 students took the classes.

     The teacher is a little bit serious English man. He always wears well-laundered shirts with nice links and a tie. I think they are kind of gimmicks for teaching…Anyway, I took his class and studied English with some interesting topics such as gardening as the best medicine, McDonald’s food, Supernanny, and girls’ career choice. I would have liked to write about each topic here, but I’ll do next time because I’m too busy now!

     This time, the class has a special service for students. It’s singing songs time! After each class, students sang some English songs to a piano accompaniment by the teacher! It’s no doubt that singing in English is very good for practicing English. And it was a lot of fun!


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