The time went so quickly before I know it. It’s almost a month since 2008 started.

      For the last three weeks, I edited my address book, finished reading the number six of Harry Potter at last, which had been left half-finished for more than one year, started reading the last one of the book, met some friends, and went some winter sales and so on.

     And the event worthy of special mention for me was meeting an Indian friend again.

     He and I met at Aichi Expo in 2005. I made friends with him there, but we hadn’t met each other for two and half years since the exposition finished because he went back to India.

     This time he had an opportunity to come to Japan on business and came to see some of my friends and I in spare moments from his work.

     Before meeting us, he visited some places remembered in connection with him: the site of the exposition, some stations, and the apartment building where he used to live.

     “My apartment was still there and looked unchanged, but a different name was on the doorplate,” he said in an expression that mingled happiness and sadness.

     We went to an Indian restaurant and renewed our old friendship over delicious food. It was transient, but I had a really good time.


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