On and After Christmas



      I was expecting a wonderful Christmas dinner…But it didn’t come to me at last…

     That was evening of 23 when I was feeling out of sorts. And then the gripes started in the early morning of 24. I had to stay some private room for a long time. I’ve had a terrible stomach problem since then…So my special dinner on Christmas was…a drip in the hospital…What a Christmas!

     On 26 there was a karaoke party in Nagakute. I was the organizer.

     That’s why I had to go to the place even if I was under the situation that guerrilla bands attacked me inside my body without a break. “Ahhhhhh! Give me a break!” I wished that day. 

     Fortunately guerrilla bands stopped fighting temporarily and I was able to join in the party.

     There were 16 participants at the party. Thank you for coming, mis amigos! I hadn’t expected that we had so many people in the end of the year. It was my first time to meet two of them. 

     What I was surprised was that all the participants were great performers!    I’m sure the all of us enjoyed ourselves at the party!

     I’ve already received many suggestions for next karaoke party!

     Maybe there will be more than 20 people at the party…maybe nearly 30…I’m wondering if I can find such a big place…

     Anyway, I was relieved that the participants seemed to have a nice time and that I didn’t need to keep on powdering my face during the party.

      I can hardly eat still now, but I’m getting better. It seems that many people are suffering from the similar symptoms as I have in Japan. Don’t catch a virus! Have nice holidays!


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