Traditional Spanish Sweets Class



      I was so busy yesterday. I joined in a class of confectionery with some of my friends together in the morning. It finished around 4:30 p.m. And then I went to a concert after coming back home.

      Anyway, I’m going to tell about the cooking class first. The teacher of the class of confectionery was my Spanish friend, Mariano.

     He has a studio for teaching Mediterranean cuisine and Spanish in Hoshigaoka. But we didn’t learn Mediterranean cuisine this time. We learned how to make two of traditional Spanish Christmas sweets called polvornones and tortas de alma in Spanish. 

     Polvoornes means powder. The sweets crumble quickly and go into powder. That’s why it’s called “polvornes”, or powder.

     Polvorones’ ingredients: wheat, lard, sugar, almond powder, coconut powder, baking powder, cinnamon.

     And another one tortas de alma means cake of soul. It’s a kind of pie and each one has a small lump made from sweet potatoes and the lump is the soul of the sweets. It’s characteristic of the sweet to smell anise.

     Tortas de alma’s ingredients: liqueur of anise, wheat, sugar, and olive oil, sweet potato, honey, lemon peel.

     We started with tortas de alma. We gathered at 10:30 and started the class soon, but we put the dough of the sweets into the oven at half past noon. We prepared for a potluck party because we had been going to have it after the class. We decided to have lunch while baking tortas de alma since we were hungry. 

     K brought spinach pie, M sweet and sour pork, Y sweet potato and apple dish, S rainbow jelly, and I potatoes with cumin, salad, and bread. And Mariano cooked for us lentil curry and served Spanish salami. Wow! What a rich lunch!

    After lunch, we baked polvorones. While baking them, we enjoyed chatting over coffee and some sweets. Time went past! It took more time than we had thought. We left Mariano’s studio around 5:00. I was a little bit tired, but I had a really good time with my friends! Muchas gracias por tu clase, Mariano!

Mariano’s webpage:


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