Natural Remedies 7: Music



     The 7th class of Natural Remedies was music. (The first (Eastern and Western Philosophies) :!1D0F2197A6F55843!2040.entry, the second (Five Elements and Yin & Yang) :!1D0F2197A6F55843!2071.entry , the third (Food) :!1D0F2197A6F55843!2081.entry , the fourth (Meditation ):!1D0F2197A6F55843!2146.entry , the fifth (Yoga) :!1D0F2197A6F55843!2169.entry , and the sixth (Aromatherapy) :!1D0F2197A6F55843!2331.entry )

     It’s well known that music is useful for us to release stress, but how can it help us?

     Music has been existed since we human-beings were born in this earth. It’s been used for communication, relaxation, and keeping peace and harmony in the society. I think most festivals cannot go well without music. And for kids, music is powerful because they can learn many things through it; expressing and controlling themselves, and uniting others and so on.

      Probably music was born naturally. You know, natural rhythms and sounds fill in our lives: songs of birds, howl of the wind, and murmuring of a stream etc. And we have them inside our bodies too, for example, our voice, blood circulating, and heartbeat. It’s said that the first sounds babies hear are rhythms of their mothers’ heart.


      In the class, we listened to many kinds of music as follows:
1. The Lion King (Movie Soundtrack)
2. The Planets; Mars, The Bringer of War / Gustav Holst (Symphony)
3. Canon in D Major / Johann Pachelbel (Chamber Music)
4. Rain of Blessing / Lama Gyurme (Chants)
5. Shosholaza / Soweto Gospel Choir (African Gospel)
6. Kodo-Psychopump / Yoshida Brothers (Samisen)
7. Chariots of Fire / Vangelis (Movie Soundtrack)
8. Four Seasons Concerto 4 / Vivaldi (Baroque Music)
9. Come Away with Me / Norah Jones (Pop Music)
10. Nyorai Shizune / Shozan Tanabe (Shakuhachi)
11. Now We Are Free / Lisa Gerrard (Pop Music) 

     I wrote “music is useful for us to release stress”, but as you see, we don’t like all music. You must feel anxious or bad when you hear some kinds of music. We use it as effect sounds for making films and so on.

     There’re three emotions or mixed them that we may feel when we hear music. Those are unsettling, soothing and energizing.

Unsettling: sadness, depressed, anxious, frightened, panic, angry, grief, gloomy
Soothing: tender, sentimental, love, calm, peaceful, tranquil, relaxed, serene
Energizing: enthusiastic, lighthearted, robust, empowered, excited, energized, happy, joyful

     So, I had different feelings for each one when I listened to those 11 kinds of music above. Then, why do we feel differently when we hear music? There’re three facts for making us have those feelings: melody, rhythm and tempo.
Melody: Major keys are usually happy and cheerful.
Minor keys correspond to introspection sadness.
Repetition of pitches within melody produces a tranquil experience.
No melody is preferred for concentration.

   Rhythm: Music from the Far East deliberately lacks drive – it asks you to be still.
India and African have irregular rhythm patterns-Creating movement, joyful and energies.

   Tempo: Speed makes you up, slow you down both physically and emotionally,
Fast and slow tempos can change your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and brain wave activity.
60 bpm (beats per minute) : matches heart at rest
120 bpm : energizing

     How about using music when you would like to change your mood? For example, you’ll be energized in the morning when you listen to the music which is used major keys, rhythmical and up tempo, and you may be able to fall asleep easily when you choose slow and not so rhythmical one. Oh, you shouldn’t too much relaxing or exciting one when you drive. You may doze off at the wheel or get to fight with other drivers!


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