My Recent Days in November


     Oh! This month will be over in only five days! It seems that time is going faster than I think. I’ll write about my recent days.

     About two weeks ago, some of my friends and I had a birthday party for an English man. One day, a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to have a birthday party for him. Strangely at the same time, another friend of mine told me that he was going to have a party with him as well. They were planning to have their own parties on almost the same day!

     The English man is an English teacher and has many classes at different places. So, those friends who were going to have parties were his students, but they are not in the same class. They happened to take it into their heads to have parties with him at the same time!

     Although they didn’t know one anther and about the each other’s party plans, I know the both of them and the teacher, and heard about the both plans! So, I thought it would be a good idea that the two parties became united…

     Then we had the party together at a Vietnamese restaurant. That was quite fun! 

     All the foods were fantastic! I love Vietnamese food! It was nice that the people in the two English classes made friends each other at the party. I’m not in the neither classes, and haven’t even taken the English teacher’s classes before though! Ha ha!

     Last week, I had an experience to go to a jazz live with some of my friends. It was held in Okazaki City. A friend of mine drove us to the live house. The live had a title: Live in the autumn breeze. The performers were a trio: a pianist, a violinist and a guitarist.

     Their music amused us. They played some pieces of music in standard jazz, and also played by arranging various music for jazz: classical music, popular songs, film music, cartoon songs, and even enka or Japanese traditional-style songs.

     They played my request as well, which was a theme song of a cartoon entitled Lupin the Third. That was wonderful! It was no longer a song for kids. It was jazz for adult!

     The pianist said, “As you see, we look very different. A woman and men, young and old. But there’s only one thing we have in common. It’s the all of us are single!” But I found out another thing they have in common. It’s that they love playing music!

     The other day, I did tai chi together with some of my fiends at a park in my neighborhood. It was windy and cold that day, but we had a good time. It’s really nice to do exercise outside! I’m sure it refreshes you!

     Many people passed by suspiciously. Probably they don’t know what tai chi is or we didn’t look like doing tai chi at all!

     After the exercise, one of us made tea at an arbor. She brought a picnic set! We relaxed by tai chi and then we enjoyed chatting over delicious tea and chocolate. What a wonderful time we had!

     Those were my recent days. Yeah, I’ve been very fine and spent wonderful days fortunately!


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