I cannot help checking new things and shops, especially restaurants, cafés, bakeries, bookshops, and variety stores. But I tend to ignore my neighborhood. Probably it’s because I think I can go there anytime.

     There’s a soba, or buckwheat noodle, restaurant named Yutorian in my neighborhood. It opened last year. The place had been abandoned for a long time since an old Japanese restaurant closed down. I hadn’t felt like trying the new soba restaurant until yesterday because I had a bad image of the former one.

     But suddenly I wanted to try the soba restaurant somehow and I had lunch there yesterday. The restaurant was more beautiful and fashionable than I had imagined. 

     I ordered something named Sakura. Sakura usually means cherry blossoms in Japanese, but the Sakura doesn’t. It means dried sakura-ebi, or pinkish shrimps. A lot of dried shrimps and nori, or sea vegetables, were topped on soba noodle. The soba itself was very nice and the combination with those toppings was also wonderful. 

     But I’m going to try just soba next time because it looked very delicious…

     After lunch, I went to a café, which is also in my neighborhood. The café is on the second floor of a building, and the first floor is a car shop which sells only English cars. 

     The café’s name is Morning Grace and the car shop is H&M Garage, and a couple runs each other. I mean the wife runs the café, and the husband owns the car shop.

     The passage between the parking lot and the café looks like a gallery. You’ll see many English classical cars there.

     I like the café. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy delicious food and coffee there. They have wonderful curry and pita sandwiches. I was able to have a nice day in my neighborhood. Yeah, I live in a nice place!


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