Music class?



      I take an English class at a university on Thursdays. It’s for TOEIC & TOEFL speaking tests. Actually I have no plan to take those tests…But each class opens my eyes! Through the class, I can learn many things.

     Last class was especially excellent! You’ll know what I mean when you see these photos!

     My teacher is a great collector of musical instruments. He used to a music teacher in the U.S. It seems that he’s leaned playing the shakuhachi, or Japanese bamboo flute for many years as well.

     He brought and showed students some of his collections last Thursday.

     He’s now very interested in Africa: countries, people, culture, etc…So the musical instruments he introduced were mainly from Africa.

     These are called Mbara or Calimba. It seems that the instrument was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. The same kinds of things have many different names and exist all over the world to date. 

     You can buy a cheap one at an ethnic shop for around 1800 yen. But one of my teacher’s is more than 40.000 yen! And the one made in Europe has a jack for plugging into an amplifier.

     This is a bamboo flute from Thai.



      And this is a horn recorder from Czech.

     Well…what class was I supposed to take?

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