Crazy Night



     That was really fun! I had a party with my friends at ISONA, an Australian pub run by a friend of mine between Ikeshita and Imaike.

     Look at these photos! Crazy! Most of them are good mothers, fathers, daughters, teachers and workers! I forgot about it at the party…ha ha.

      At the beginning, Reiko, my friend, and I were going to have a small party with an Australian teacher M. We tried to have that opportunity because the teacher would go back to Australia next spring and we didn’t have so many opportunities to see him.   

     So I invited people who had taken his classes for the party and 13 people came there. But our teacher didn’t show up! 

     But Reiko and I had expected that because we had been out of contact with him recently…

      Are you OK, M? Your students have been really worried about you!

     Anyway, I’m sure all the participants had a really wonderful time! 

     Everyone must have been under much stress…And they must have been able to release it!

     We sang many songs and danced together, over lots of delicious food and drink! What a happy time that was! I think I’m a very lucky person because I have many nice friends and have such a wonderful time together! Thanks!


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