Natural Remedies 3: What shoud we eat?


     In the third lesson of Natural Remedies (The first one:!1D0F2197A6F55843!2040.entry The second one:!1D0F2197A6F55843!2071.entry) , we studied about diet with the textbook and the DVD entitled BBC Documentary Natural Remedies.

     Diet has a direct effect on our health and many of our health problems are the result of a bad diet. We need the right type of food in order to be healthy.

     Eastern Diets are lightly cooked with lots of fresh ingredients and this is believed to be responsible for the low incidence of heart disease and cancers in the East. Mediterranean diets are thought to be healthier for the heart, but Western diets are thought to be responsible for many health problems.

     There are many diet products on the market to lower cholesterol, improve digestion, and reduce appetite and body fat levers. But some modern diets are expensive and my even be bad for you.

     Green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables and tomatoes all help to fight disease. Carrots are good for our immune systems. Beans and pulses lower cholesterol levels and whole grains, rich in vitamin E, also help the body keep in good shape. Good food in the right quantities can make us better. Food is the original natural remedy.

     And according to the textbook, the five top foods recommended by health experts for a healthy life are: carbohydrates, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and fresh water.

     We should choose our diets properly. According to the passage above, Eastern diets seem to be good for our health. Fortunately I live in Japan, which is also one of Eastern countries, and I can enjoy such Eastern diets without special efforts.

     But we have one big problem. According to the class, we should eat as many locally produced foods as possible, but it’s difficult. You know, Japan’s self-sufficient rate of food is about 40% and it relies on import. So we can enjoy various foods from all over the world, but it’s difficult to have only locally produced food. 

     In the class, we learned about foods which make you cold, cool, warm or hot.

    And we also learned that five tastes have each effect.

     The thinking way is from Eastern medicine. We learned about yin and yang in the second lesson. We should choose food by our own body type and our condition every day.


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