Natural Remedies 2: Five Elements and Yin & Yang


     In the second lesson of Natural Remedies (The first lesson:!1D0F2197A6F55843!2040.entry), the participants learned about Chinese five element theory (Wu Xing) and Chinese unity of opposite Yin & Yang.

     The five elements are Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Tree. These elements act each other in the world of nature. And they control each other as well.

     1. Rain nourishes a tree.
     2. Burning wood generates fire.
     3. Ash is creative for earth,
     4. Metal is minded for the earth.
     5. Water condenses with metals.

     1. A pond holds water.
     2. Water extinguishes fire.
     3. Fire melts metals.
     4. An ax cuts wood.
     5. Trees take their roots into the earth.

     And in the Chinese thinking way, these elements are related into human organs and emotions too.

     According to the theory, if you tend to get angry easily, you might have had a fear for something too much before, and you might have a problem in your liver someday.

     We need keep balance for our health mentally and physically.
(Five Element Picture is from Wikipedia)




     That’s why we should know about balance. In Chinese thinking way, unity of opposite is very important. It’s called yin and yang. Yin is the dark element and yang the light.





     You can know about your body type either yin or yang.

     According to the list, I seem to be yang type, but I don’t think I have much stamina, and I get tired quite easily.

    That’s why I replied I thought I was yin type when my teacher asked me in the class. But all of the class laughed!!!!!


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