Tai Chi Camp


      Last weekend I joined in a tai chi camp in Mt. Sangane with a friend of mine Michi-pon. The hotel in which the camp was held is located on the top of the mountain and you see the sea and some islands on it there.

       My friend and I arrived at the hotel around noon and had lunch there since the time we were supposed to register was at one o’clock in the afternoon. We were notified about our room at the counter after the register, and went to the room when other two people had already been there.

     They are Kikuko and Yoshiko. According to them, they live near the hotel and the both of them have quite upper level certificates: pre-master. They were really nice and kind. I asked Kikuko to buy the same T-shirt she was wearing and sent it to me since I really liked hers. On her T-shirt giant pandas were doing tai chi! That was so cute!

     After introducing each other, we went to the ground. We were supposed to practice tai chi at two o’clock. Many participants had already been there. We exercised for two hours.

     Amazingly Yoshiko started practicing tai chi, remembering what we had learned outside as soon as we got to our room! I thought that I had to
be more serious…

     Around six o’clock we had a feast. The dinner was quite gorgeous and delicious, but fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish… I thought I didn’t want to see fish for a while…

     At the dinner, we knew that the oldest applicant for the test of master certificate next day was 84 years old! Wow! Although I saw him, he looked younger than his real age.

     I met Kikuko’s husband at the dinner. He has also pre-master certificate. He is a Buddhist priest and has a tai chi lass at his temple. He was nice and kind too.

     After the dinner, the participants didn’t have free time. We watched DVD on tai chi and studied some things together. Around nine we were released at last…

     Next morning, I got up at five o’clock! We had to go to the ground by 6:30 in the morning for practicing. You know, I usually sleep that time…So it was quite tough for me to exist outside before 6:30.

     But it was very nice to exercise outside in the morning. I felt good after doing tai chi. I was hungry! We went to the dinning right away.

      Look at this gorgeous breakfast! I always have just a toast or a bun and coffee for breakfast.

     After breakfast, we went to the ground and did tai chi together. Then the exam for master certificate was held. There were 40 applicants for it. They looked very nervous before doing, but they made big smiles when they got applause later.

     And then teachers performed. We did tai chi together and finally the camp was finish. At the practice, Kikuko’s husband said to my friend and me, "The both of you looked very happy while doing tai chi. I remembered when I started tai chi!"

     After having lunch together, we said good-bye and promised to see each other again next year. I met many people and learned many things. The tai chi camp was a wonderful experience for me.

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