Open House at A.H.I


      Do you know A.H.I? It means Asia Health Institute and many students come there from different countries in Asia and study on medical treatment and technology and so on every year. They open their facility once a year in the fall and it was on 8th this year and I visited there with some of my friends.

     There were many food stands in the site and I was able to enjoy many kinds of ethnic foods for lunch there, Vietnamese noodle, Thai noodle, Korean thin pancake, Indian curry, etc. 


     They had not only food stands but also many events like a magic show, some dance shows, songs, workshops about street children, for example, gender issue, Asian medical problems, and a kind of activity for enlightenment by Amnesty International. 

     They even had a kind of market which sold a variety of Asian goods, for example, bags, clothes and so on.

     My friends and I tried to wear saris. How do we look? Beautiful?

     I ran into some friends there as well. I had a wonderful time together with my friends! 

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