The Autumn Fair of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


        There has been an exposition named the Autumn Fair of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries since Friday until today at Fukiage Hall. I went there yesterday because I had expected to have many foods and to see a live of SISAY, an Ecuadorian folklore band.

     In the event, there are more than 150 booths, and you can buy and/or eat something, or have some experiences in each. For example, there are about 20 Chinese food booths, about 10 Korean ones, an Indian and Persian one, and a Ugandan one, and you can try those ethnic foods there. And wine cellars, fruit and vegetable stores, sweets shops, restaurants of chicken and beef, ham and sausage shops, dairies and bakeries and so on are joining in the event.  

     I was shocked to find out that I had to wait for the live of SISAY for about four hours when I arrived at the hall yesterday. According the leaflet I got at the entrance, their live was at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and it was just around noon. That is, the first stage was already over and I needed killing time there until 4 o’clock.  

     I decided starting to search the hall for lunch. It was quite crowded. A lot of people pressed around the narrow pass between booths. Sales clerks were shouting from their booths, “Hey! This is really delicious! Try one!” 

     A woman called me at a Chinese booth, grasping a whole chicken deep-fried, “You can’t find and eat this one at another stand! You can eat it only here! Buy it! Buy it!!” in Japanese with a Chinese accent. When I tried a small piece of smoked cheese at a dairy, the clerk pestered me to buy a whole bar of the cheese. So I replied softly, “I’d like to see other booths too. So see you later.” And she shouted at me, “Don’t go! You’ll never come back here! Buy this one!” I ran away from her.  

     At last I bought a set of Indian curry and tan dory chicken and had it at the bench, seeing some performances. That curry was excellent! After eating I had a cup of coffee at the Ugandan booth. That was nice as well. 

     After lunch, I walked around the hall, seeing many booths. I wondered how to kill time when I noticed that I had about one and half hour until the live of SISAY. But I found three members of SISAY and some of their fans were talking at a table. I also joined them and enjoyed chatting with them.  

     That was an almost small party after the members left for preparing for their stage. Someone bought many cans of beer and gave others and someone offered foods. We didn’t know each other but had a nice time together.  

     The live started. Of course, their music was wonderful and many people were fascinated. The fair of food turned to a concert hall and was filled with excitement.  

     I met many people and made many friends there. After the live, I started back with some of them and went to a Starbucks together. We had an exciting time at the café as well! I had a really nice time yesterday!


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