Five Basic Points of Tai Chi



     Time flies! We’ve been already in October! It had been very hot here in Nagoya until three days ago, but suddenly the fall came, and now it’s quite cool.

     On September 24th, it was still muggy. There was a lecture of tai chi at a gym named Naka Sports Center in Nagoya that day and I attended it. The admission fee was 2000 yen. Hmmm…I’m wondering whether it was cheap or expensive…

     Mr. Susumu Yang, the chairperson of Japan Health Tai Chi Chuan Association, came and gave a lecture on 5 basic points which should be followed by performers when they do tai chi together.

1. Keep your head straight and don’t look down.
(Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail – left & right)

2. Point your nose, left or right fingertip and tiptoe to the same direction.
(Brush Knee and Side Step, Play the Lute, Step Back and Repulse Monkey)

3. Move by the axis of your body. When you go forward your arms lead the action, and when you go backward your legs lead.
(Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane, Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle – right & left)

4. Focus on your shoulders when you move your arms. Focus on your hips when you turn right or left. Focus on your hip joint when you turn around.
(Wave Hands Like Clouds, Single Whip)

5. Balance yourself on one leg as a stem of your body. You have to weigh down on one leg and relax another one.
(Stands on one leg)

I’ve got what he was saying, but it’s difficult for me to do those points practically…


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  1. Hi,
    I started doing taichi when I lived in Japan years ago, but had no time to do it afterwards. Do you know of any good DVD for me to buy in order to re-learn the basic movements? You have very good blog with lots of information in it – keep up the good work! Nagoya is one of my favourite cities in Japan, it is large with all the mod cons but still small enough to wander around on foot. And of course the seashore and mountains are so easily accessible. ar-ar

  2. Hi, Ei nimeä-san! Thank you for visiting my space and your message. You don’t live in Japan now then? You know, there are many styles of tai chi all over the world, but what I’ve learned is Yang Ming Shih 24 form’s one. A new book with DVD has been released by Ms. Kay Yang recently. I haven’t seen the one yet, but my teacher recommends. I hope you’ll be able to do tai chi again and enjoy it!

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