Ecuador & Andes Fiesta 2007 in Nagoya


      There had been an event entitled “Ecuador & Andes Fiesta 2007 in Nagoya” at Kanayama for four days last week and I went see it yesterday with some of my friends. The event was mainly held by an Ecuadorian folklore band named SISAY. “Sisay” means “blooming” in Quetua, a Native American language of South America.

     SISAY, the band comes from Ecuador and all members are Native American. It was formed in 1983 and came to Japan first in 1994. Especially during Expo in Aichi two years ago they performed at Andes Pavilion every day and fascinated many people. And I’m also the one of who were charmed by their music at Expo.

     Last week I met two ladies by accident while waiting for the bus at Hoshigaoka. They were talking about something related to Spanish behind me. Although I’m having a break for learning Spanish, I have studied it for about 1 year before. So I got interested in their conversations and kept my ears cocked and at last talked to them. 

     They looked startled at a moment but they talked to me. We got on the bus and sat in the back together, and kept talking. When I asked them what they studied Spanish for, one of the ladies asked me in stead of answering to my question. “Haven’t you heard the name of SISAY?”

     SISAY! They were on their way home from the concert of SISAY then! According to them, they have been very much into the band since the Expo. They started learning Spanish to communicate with the members. Say! They went to even Ecuador, which is the members’ country, last year! When I mentioned about a Mexican mariachi, VIVA MEXICO!, one of the ladies exclaimed. She is a fan of them like me as well!

     I promised to tell the URL of Mexican group’s web page to her and to meet two of them at the Ecuadorian event at Kanayama before saying good-bye in the bus.

     As soon as I got to the event area, I started looking for the ladies. It was very crowded there in spite of raining, but I was able to find them. We were delighted to see each other again. And I met other friends there! What a coincidence! SISAY’s music was wonderful, of course, and I had a really good time there.

     And I bought a felt hat at a booth of the event. My friends said to me, “Oh! It looks nice on you! You look manly!” What? Manly? You know, I am a 8-year old cute giant panda GIRL!



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