A Surprise Birthday Party


      Last Sunday I took part in a party. It was a surprise for a friend of mine, Kco. She and I joined in the same intensive course last week and whenever she mentioned the coming party my heart was beating. She hadn’t known that the party would be her birthday party until the birthday song started at the pub. I had to have hidden the plan for her birthday party from her. 

     The party was held at a pub between Imaike and Ikeshita. Most of the participants met at the subway station of Ikeshita and walked to the pub and on the way there everyone took a cracker secretly behind Kco.

    In the mean time, I was walking wondering how I could give crackers to the rest people who didn’t come to the station. But I was able to manage it easily. Since Kco just went to the powder room as we got to the pub, I was able to pass crackers to people who came there directly. 

     And another friend and the pub staff prepared for the CD of “Happy Birthday” and a birthday cake while Kco wasn’t in there. She came back to her seat and sat down. All people held their drinks. The introduction of “Happy Birthday” started and the light was turned off. Kco looked confused. 

  Happy Birthday to You!
  Happy Birthday to You!
  Happy Birthday Dear Kco!
  Happy Birthday to You!

     And crackers burst all at once and everyone gave clapping and then raised each glass to Kco. She understood everything and was all smiles.

     Everyone enjoyed over delicious foods and drinks, and karaoke. It must have been one of the greatest birthdays for her. Happy birthday, Kco!


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