Nagoya Tour 3: Nagoya Castle


(This is continued from the preceding blog Nagoya Tour 2: Atsuta Shrine.)

     We left Atsuta Shrine and headed for Nagoya Castle. Since I wrote about the castle alreay, I don’t mention about  it here today. But if you’re interested in the castle, how about taking a look at my previous blog?!1D0F2197A6F55843!1653.entry 

     We arrived at the east gate of the castle when we saw some English guides were waiting for tourists inside.  One of the guides was my teacher at an English guide training course at NHK Cultural Center. We asked her to guide KR in the castle. 

     Since other two guides had no tourists at that time, they also joined us. That is, three guides and three ex-students of a guide training course showed only one Canadian around the castle! 6:1! I thought the situation was as if some followers were going with a young prince when he traveled incognito in the old days.   

     It was muggy that day. In spite of the weather, the guides led us for a long time with many explanations. They were really nice and kind. I was very touched by their hospitality and plenty knowledge.  

     KR seemed to have many experiences here in Japan, went sightseeing of course, had an experience of aikido, one of Japanese martial arts, and tried Japanese food and so on. I hope the travel of Japan has become unforgettable nice memory for him.


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