Meguru: The Sightseeing Route Bus in Nagoya


      On 17th, I tried to use a new bus system with a friend of mine. Nagoya city, where I live in, started to run the sightseeing route bus named “Meguru” in July.

     The bus starts at Nagoya Station and stops at Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Noritake Garden, Nagoya Castle, Tokugawa Museum & Garden, Cultural Path & Futaba Museum, Nagoya Municipal Archive, TV Tower, Sakae, Fushimi, and again Nagoya Castle, Noritake Garden and Toyota Commemorative Museum and returns to Nagoya Station.

     One ride is 200 yen, but if you buy a one-day ticket for 500 yen, you’ll get many services and discounts with it. For example, the admission fee of Nagoya Castle is usually 500 yen, but it’ll be 400 yen if you show your one-day ticket at the entrance.

     First my friend and I went to Noritake Garden. Noritake is a famous tableware company in Japan, especially by export western-style one. There are many old brick buildings in the garden. They used to be factories built in Meiji era about one hundred years ago. Now they are used as a museum, a shop, and a restaurant and so on.

     After lunch, we took the route bus again. I was surprised to find out the announcement in the bus was live. I hadn’t noticed that until the guide said, “On your hand you’ll see Nagoya City Hall. Ah now you may not see it behind the traffic signal though.” A volunteer guide was also riding.

     My friend and I got off the bus at Cultural Path and Futaba Museum. There are many historical sites around the area. We visited one of them, Futaba Museum. It was rebuilt at the present place as a museum, but was originally the house of Sadayakko Kawakami, who was the first actress in Japan about 100 years ago.

     I had wanted to visit the building since I happened to pass before it half a year ago. I like the outside, which is artistic and attractive. There are many displays as like old furniture, beautiful windows with stained glass, costumes, paintings and so on. They have a poster of Sadayakko painted by Pablo Picasso.

     Anyway, I liked the museum. The admission fee of Futaba Museum is 200 yen, but I paid only 160 yen since I showed my one-day ticket of the route bus. That was also nice. 

     I saw a boy sketching the museum when we came out of the building to take the bus. I asked him if he was a student of a university of art. But he is a high school student now, and he hopes to enter a university of art next spring. I said good-bye to him and got on the bus.

     My friend and I was getting tired, and got off the bus at TV Tower and went to a café. She had something cold and I had beer there. We could visit other places after the break, but we decided on stopping our tour there. You know, I still have many places to visit with the bus. I’m wondering where I go next time.


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  1. Hi, I chance upon your blog while working on our itinerary. I’d like to know how long the tour last? What time does it start? Is this similar to hop on hop off tour in Europe? or we need to stay with the group until the end of the tour? Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi, thank you for visiting my page and leaving the comment. “Me-guru” is a route bus, which starts at Nagoya Station and stops at nine places (Toyota Industry Museum, Noritake Garden, Nagoya Castle, The Tokugawa Art Museum, Futaba Museum, Nagoya City Archive, TV Tower, and Sakae) and then goes back to Nagoya Station. It takes about 90 minutes if you ride the whole loop (from Nagoya Sta. to Nagoya Sta.). I don’t know about the European tour bus system, but you can get on and off at any bus stops in the route anytime. The bus runs every 30 minute (on weekdays). If you don’t have a one-day ticket, you have to pay 200 yen every time you get on the bus. If you are planning to get on and off more than three times, you should buy a one-day ticket. It’s 500 yen. You can buy the ticket from the driver at your first ride. A volunteer guide will ride on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays. You can get more details at the official site:
      I hope you’ll make lots of good memories in Nagoya!

    • One more thing! If you use the subway and other Nagoya city bus, you should buy a one-day ticket, with which you can ride Nagoya’s subway and buses including the “Me-guru” bus. ¥600 for Saturadays , Sundays and national holiadays. (¥870 for weekdays) You can buy the ticket at subway stations. (Ask the staff at the gate)

      • Have you already come to Japan? If you can stay in Nagoya this week, there’s an interesting event at Aichi Prefectural Gymnastic next to Nagoya Castle. The Sumo tornament starts there on Sunday, and the event will be held before the day, that is this Sarturday. It’s a ceremony with rituals of Japanese shinto. It starts at 10 a.m. You have to enter before 9:50 because they will close the door at that time. You can see the ceremony for free!

  2. Oh sorry I just saw this now. Our trip will be in November. Just in time for the Autumn Season. By the way, have you got the chance to visit Korankei?

    • Hi Haze,
      It was really hot and humid in Nagoya area this summer. So, it’s a good idea to come here in November. Korankei is very famous for its beautiful autumn leaves. It might be a little bit cold around there in November, but you’ll be able to have a wonderful time there! But, but, but…there’s a big problem…It’s really crowded around there in the fall! The cars will be bumper to bumper! You should plan enought time for visiting the place!

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