A Night Festival at Expo Memorial Park


      There was a night festival at Expo Memorial Park in Nagakute, Aichi last Saturday and Sunday. And I went there in Saturday evening. It was very crowded on the way to the park. I was getting excited as coming up and the big Ferris wheel was becoming bigger and bigger.

     The Ferris wheel was burning bright with green lights in the dark. It was so beautiful. There were many events and shops under the Ferris wheel. I remembered the excitement at Expo held there two years ago. I made many friends at that time.

     When I entered in the event area, the bustle brought me back those days. There were many stands in the festival; Turkish food, Nepali curry, Polish food, German food, Chinese food, Spanish food…

     Wait! Spanish food? I looked into the booth when I saw Mariano, who used to be my Spanish teacher, cooking busily. (I’m having a break for leaning Spanish now.) 

     He was cooking something looked like takoyaki, or octopus flitters. I would have liked to try some, but there was a long line at his booth…According to a woman in the booth, it was not takoyaki, was a kind of Spanish omelet. Later I tried to buy some, but unfortunately the Spanish omelet had sold out.

     I heard drums. When I turned around I saw a stand where African goods were sold. And I saw a man eating something in front of the booth. He was Salam, a friend of mine. I was getting closer to him silently. He noticed me and called my name. And I also called his name, Salam! We hadn’t met each other for a year when we ran into at Sakae. He’s from Senegal. 

     I was able to see his friend Bassirou as well. I was happy because both of them looked fine. And I was able to see some Japanese friends there too in spite of such a crush.

     We had Ugandan pilaf and chapattis, and Chinese dumplings together. I had a nice time with my friends at a familiar atmosphere.  


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