Nagoya Tour : Toganji Temple


      A friend of mine M has many friends all over the world. She goes to her friends’ places and they also visit her. A handsome man KR, who is one of her friends, came to Japan to see her from Canada two weeks ago. She took him many tourist attractions as like Kyoto and Nara while he was staying here in Japan. She showed him around Nagoya on 15th when I accompanied them with another friend Kco.

     “Look like Poland.” KR seemed to have the impression when he saw my apartment building. That morning, M came to my place by car to pick me up with KR. KR is a Canadian, but his parents are immigrants from Poland. Since my apartment is a kind of public complex and all buildings are white and cubic, they may look like ones in a Communist country.

     First my friends and I took KR to a strange temple named Toganji in Motoyama. Why do I use the word “strange”? Well, how about visiting the temple once if you’d like to know the reason?

     Have you ever heard Nobunaga? Nobunaga is the name of one of the most famous samurai worrier in the age of wars in Japan. His brother Nobuyuki built the temple for enshrining their father Nobuhide about 450 years ago. But the original temple used to be in another place, and the present one was moved to the place about 300 years ago.

     There’s a huge statue of Buddha in the temple. Strangely most people in Nagoya don’t know the existence. The temple has not only the big statue but also many bizarre things in the precinct. Maybe the statue of sleeping Sarasvati, the goddess of music, speech, wealth, and wisdom is the most famous among them.  

     There’s a pagoda of Lamaism on the roof of Sarasvati hall somehow. It has two wooden sculptures of Lamaism god and goddess inside.

     There are many lingams and figures of snakes in the precinct of the temple as well. You may think that it’s weird and kind of grim that the temple has those objects.

     But I think the temple has a kind of relic of old aboriginal religion, especially invocation of fertilization and prosperity. You know, linga is the symbol for them. Snakes have much to do with water. Water is the ultimate source of life. I think the temple is interesting, and its fascination is the unsophisticated. 

     For KR, the temple was the first time to see a Buddhist temple. Later I was relived to hear that he had seen many normal temples in Kyoto and Nara.

     I’m going to write the continuance of our Nagoya tour later on.


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  1. Oh, hi M-chan!
    Same here! Thank you for introducing such a handsome boy to me!
    Ha Ha Ha! Yeah! How strange the temple is! Visit again with me,
    especially on New Year’s Day? You’ll be struck! 😉 

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