Women’s Marathon: Athletics World Championship in Osaka 2007


      A women’s marathon was on when I got up and turned on TV yesterday morning. There had been an athletic world championship till yesterday in Osaka. I prefer watching marathon to running.

     I was very touched the race. My brain was almost sleeping when I started watching it, but I was excited at the end. You’ll never know the results until the last moment on marathons.

     The results of the women’s marathon were as follows: Kenyan Catharine Ndereba got the gold medal, Chinese Zhou Chunxiu the silver, and Japanese Reiko Tosa the bronze. And Tosa’s fighting spirit was marvelous!

     By kilometer 38, there were 8 people; Kenyans Catherine Ndereba, Rita Jeptoo, and Edith Masai, Romanian Linda Simon, Chinese Zhou Chunxiu and Zhu Xialolin, and Japanese Reiko Tosa and Kiyoko Shimahara, in the leading group.

     But Masai, Simon, and Shimahara couldn’t follow the pack when Jeptoo started to open up, and then there became 5 people in the leaders.     

     Tosa started not to be able to keep up with the leading group around kilometer 39. Usually it’s difficult for dropping out runners to catch up, I think. But Tosa was tough especially mentally. 

     Around kilometer 40 Tosa came from behind Jeptoo and then got ahead of Zhu Xiaolin. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Tosa drew away. Probably the outstripped runners couldn’t believe their eyes either!

     Tosa didn’t give up and tried to get a higher prize, but finally she won the bronze medal. It was the only one medal for Japan in the competition. Anyway, her miraculous indomitable sprit struck me. And I thought Ndereba was amazing!


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