Tai Chi Workshop


      Last Sunday I went to Aichi Prefectural Gymnastic to join in an annual meeting of tai chi. There’re many styles and organizations of tai chi in the world, but what I’m doing now is Yang Ming Shih 24 simplified style tai chi chuan. I don’t know how many branches of my organization, but I belong to Aichi Prefecture Branch. And it holds an annual meeting on one day during Obon holidays every year. There were nearly 850 people in the meeting this year! 

     I’d been supposed to be in Tokyo during holidays, and I’d given up joining in the meeting. However, the trip to Tokyo was postponed for two weeks, and I was able to attend the meeting. But not it’s just a meeting, it’s a workshop. The participants can not only study theory but also practice there.

     In Yang Ming Shih style tai chi, we get a kind of exercise called “Hachi-dan Nishiki” before and after doing tai chi. It has 8 patterns and each pattern has special effect. For example, the first action of the exercise is good for your stomach and intestines and stiff shoulders. All the morning, the participants were divided into four groups and studied about the exercise in each workshop.  

      In the workshop, I studied about the 5 elements. There’s an idea in Oriental medicine and it says that everything has two sides of yin and yang, that is minus and plus, or shade and light. Every life cycles. Birth and death, and then regeneration…And in this endless cycle, the 5 elements, which I studied in the workshop, matter. I can’t explain about it here because it’s too difficult to write here to me, but I’ll show you a list. Interesting, huh?  


      Look at the Liver file. It means  liver, the internal organ has a close relation to eye. If you use your eyes too much by using the computer or paperwork or something, your liver will get weak, for example. And if you notice that you’re irritable recently, you may have problems on your eyes, or your liver, or the both. And the exercise “Hachi-dan Nishiki” and tai chi are very good way for prevention and cure of illness. 

      In the afternoon, all of the participants practiced tai chi. It was interesting to see many different performances at once. I mean, Yang Ming Shih 24 simplified style tai  chi chuan is only one, but you know each performer does his or her own tai chi as like no two minds think alike.

     I was at the gymnastic from 10:00 to 4:00. Probably because of doing tai chi, I had good appetite and was starving. That’s why I went to a café with my teacher and friends and had chocolate cake! Hmmm. I’m wondering when I should start go on a diet…


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