Karaoke Party


    カラオケ1  I had a karaoke party at a pub named Isona between Ikeshita and Imaike last Friday. I reserved the pub because its seating capacity is about 20 and there were 17 people in the party.

     All of us had a really good time, drinking many kinds of alcohol and soft drinks, eating many foods, singing songs together, and chatting…Our feelings over the party ran higher than I expected actually.

     Kazu, a friend of mine and I had been waiting for the day of the karaoke party. He and I used to be in the same English class, which was a kind of phonetic class. Since both of us are English learners and have known singing songs in English is good for improving pronunciation, we decided to go to karaoke together in June. But unfortunately we were busy and couldn’t make time for karaoke for a while.  カラオケ2

     One day when I joined in a small concert with an afternoon tea party, I met Miho, another friend of mine. She likes to sing and is an English learner as well. That’s why she was very interested in the plan of singing songs in English. At the party, she and I met an enthusiast of the Beatles. He may not be just an enthusiast. I’d say he is a kind of professor of studying the Beatles.

     While I was talking to the professor of the Beatles, suddenly an interesting idea popped into my mind. And I asked him, “Do you like to sing songs…” He looked puzzled. But next moment when I added some words, his eyes flashed, “…of the Beatles?” I went on, “I’m going to have a karaoke party someday soon. Are you interested i…” “WHEN?!”

     カラオケ3  After the tea concert, I asked Nao, who runs an Australian pub named Isona, when I could reserve her pub. She replied I would be able to use it for the party last Friday of the 10th. The reason why I decided to have the party at her pub is because its karaoke machine has many English songs and I hope and pray her success.

     Nao has a dream of moving to Australia and of running a pub there in the near future. She’s studying and working hard to make the dream a reality now. She has studied business management of running the pub in Australia. Wow! And her pub just opened last April. That’s why I’d like to help her a little bit with advertisement. Some of the participants of the party may tell somebody about her pub or visit there again. カラオケ4

     When I decided the detail of the party, for example, the date and the place, I informed about it to my friends. At the moment I was about to email, Kazu gave me an email and mentioned karaoke. I told him about the party, he was really pleased and decided to join in the party soon. I was also happy to have an opportunity to sing songs together with him at last. 

     First I didn’t expect that so many people get together. But nearly 20 people replied, “I want to join in the party!” Interestingly some of them said to me, “I want to join you, I won’t sing and drink at all though.” I wondered what they were going to do then. Yeah, they were enjoying eating food and chatting and listening to someone singing.

     Since I was the organizer of the party, I’ve known all of the participants. But it wasn’t that they’d known each other before the party. That’s why first I thought it might be necessary for them to have time of self-introduction. But I was overanxious. They made friends ten minutes after the party started. How flexible and friendly they are! Ha Ha Ha! Yeah, they are my friends! Maybe birds of a feather! 

      カラオケ5What a lucky person I am! I have many nice friends! How wonderful it was to get together! I had a really good time together with them.  I’m sure all of the participants were enjoying foods and drinks, chitchats, and the relaxing atmosphere!

      I’m going to have a party again because most of them asked me, “When are you going to have a party next time?”


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