The Upper House Election and the Cabinet Approval Rating



     The Upper House Election was held on July 29th and the result was the Liberal Democratic Party’s crushing defeat historically.

     The LDP lost 27 seats and saved 83 from 110 in the election, on the contrary, the Democratic Party added 28 seats and wan 109.


     And today the Mainichi made the result of a survey public. It’s an approval rating of Abe Cabinet. The Cabinet approval rating fell to 22% and the disapproval became 65%. And the LDP’s approval rating is 17% and it’s the second worst since the party was organized in 1955. On the contrary, the approval rating of the DP went up to 33% and it’s the best for them. And it means that the approval rating of the DP has almost doubled against the LDP.

     Here is an interesting result of a survey. It was held by Yahoo! Japan from July 29th to August 1 and the question was: What do you think the major factor in causing the DP’s victory in the election? As you see, 65% of people replied that it was that other parties didn’t have appeals!

     It means voters didn’t poll for the DP’s candidates willingly, doesn’t it? And there’re no positive ideas in it. It’s like elimination. I mean there were some main issues in the election, pension scandal, the Constitution change, income tax shock, direction of education, for example, but it seems that most of people didn’t consider those issues so much.

     Anyway it seems that Japanese people are taking a pessimistic view of the LDP-lead society. People keep their hopes up to the DP. I’d like them to stop ridiculous agitating for patriotism and deceiving people, and to start real “democratic” government.


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