Tofu Tofu Tofu Torture?



      Last Thursday I was in Tokyo. I attended a Buddhist ceremony with my relatives. I had to leave my home at 5:40 in the morning! Too early for me! Anyway, I had some interesting experiences there since I seldom join in Buddhist rituals and visit temples and the grave.

     As I said, I seldom join in Buddhist rituals and I didn’t know what to do in my turn at the ceremony. That’s why I had to watch what other attendances were doing carefully. But it seems that others didn’t know exactly what to do as well…I was relieved. Anyway, I was able to observe the Buddhist priest’s action interestingly.

       After the ritual, all attendances went to the grave. “What if a big earthquake hit now?” I wondered seeing many stone tombs and monuments. It was my first time to see inside the grave. According to the priest, we had to rake the inside next time…

     The all of us went to a famous tofu restaurant named Sasano-Yuki nearby after that. To tell the truth, I don’t like tofu very much. I can eat tofu, but I don’t want to eat so much at a time…

     First, they served small dishes as an appetizer. On a small tray, tiny shredded vegetables and so on were decollated. They’re eaten with soy cream…You know, I don’t like soy milk flavor…Anyway, they were good…

     They served two cups of tofu with thick sauce somehow. According to them, in Edo period a royal man came to the restaurant and enjoyed their tofu with thick sauce. And then he said, “Serve two cups of it from now on because it’s very delicious.” So the restaurant started serving that way…Yeah, it was good. But you know, I don’t like tofu very much…for me one cup is enough…

     After that, they served an iced tofu, a kind of tofu pudding, deep-flied dried soy milk skins. Oh, they were delicious. Very crispy!

     And we ate boiled tofu with chicken, soy milk stew, tofu chazuke (boiled rice with tofu and soup) and then soy milk ice cream with plum sauce…

    Well…I don’t want to see tofu for a while…

    Oh, they were delicious! I just don’t like so much…

   Sasano Yuki:


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