I love pork. I like bacons, ham and sausage! I went to a stockbreeding institute in Oakazaki City last Monday. A friend of mine got some information that you can study through actual experience of making ham and sausage there. That’s why I went there to learn how to make sausage with the friend and our other friends.

    We prepared 6 kg of minced pork for making sausage. We decided to make plain one and basil one.

     First we weighed and divided the mincemeat into two, and kneaded it adding water and seasoning. After that we added some fat for nice texture. You know, you can enjoy crisps when you eat. But it was slight difficult to mix the mincemeat and the fat. I mean we had to strew it all over and be careful to not to crush it.

      That was my first time to see and touch long tubes of in the body of sheep! Since they were preserved in salt, we had to disentangle and rinse them in the water. And then, we passed them through some plastic tubes. 

      After put the seasoned and kneaded mincemeat into the machine, we started stuffing it into the long tubes of skin, and then made it sausage shapes. Oh! They look sausage!

     And we boiled the raw sausage in the hot water at 73 degrees for 15 minutes. After drying them for a while, they were smoked by cherry tree…And…

      Look! We’ve got sausage! They look delicious, don’t they? Yeah, they were indeed!


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