Sister Cities


      Nagoya is a sister city to Los Angles and Mexico City. I attended a ceremonial party of those sister cities last Tuesday. It was held at Nagoya International Center. It was raining hard, however, many people gathered there.

     After usual formal speeches, many performances started…First Japanese senior citizens in beautiful kimono danced. They looked very cute! I think all of them are over 70 years old, but they were really energetic and vigorous!

     Two boys and two girls from Los Angles attended the party as exchange students. One of the boys sang an old Elvis Presley song in sunglasses. While he was singing, Japanese girls and Mexican girls were really excited. That was interesting.

      Japanese high school girls’ dances were excellent. I heard many Japanese people said, “Japan has changed…” Ha-Ha, it may be true. It’s difficult to regard the senior citizens in kimono who danced traditional Japanese ones and the girls who danced hip hop ones showing their thighs and bellies as the same nation…

     But I think both of them are really Japanese because their dances were unified. I mean no one danced freely. You know, in Japanese society, harmony is most important. 

     Interestingly, American and Mexican girls looked kind of bored while Japanese girls were dancing, but in the meantime Japanese, American and Mexican boys and men looked really excited!

     The traditional dances by Mexican students were splendid. Their costumes were very beautiful. After their performances, the boys threw their hats to Japanese girls and the girls also threw their floral accessories to them. That made the party warm up.

     Since there were many kinds of foods and drinks in the hall, and a Mexican chef came there to serve tacos, all of the participants were enjoying the performances and the food.

     Unfortunately I didn’t have any opportunities to talk other participants at all since the event was almost for seeing the performances. But I had a good time there and the taco was very nice!


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  1.  From your article, I can get a knowledge about the different cultures between Japanese and other two cities. In the article you said "But I think both of them are really Japanese because their dances were unified. I mean no one danced freely. You know, in Japanese society, harmony is most important.  " I just wanna know why do you think the two kinds of dance are the same? From the picture I can’t feel that they are the same! I just think it’s very different. You know, the tradinional and the fashion are different. so I wanna whether u would like to explain my question? Thank you.

  2. Hi  藍雪chan! Thank you for your comment. Yeah, you’re right. That senior ladies dance and that high school girl’s one look totally different! But you know, they were wearing the same costumes and they were dancing in organized way. They were not individual at all. In my opinion, not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries, people tend to like doing the same things together in a body. Everybody does the same movement when they dance, for example. That’s why I wrote that way in my blog. I hope you know what I mean. Thank you! Come again!

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