Chapter 3: Movement (Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement by Yang Ming Shih)


Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement by Yang Ming Shih

Chapter 3: Movement

     The movement of tai chi chuan looks like an elegant dance. It’s very beautiful, graceful and well-balanced. When you do tai chi chuan, you shouldn’t strain yourself. You have to practice tai chi chuan everyday and the continual efforts make your movement artistic.

     1. If you have calm mind and your body is flexible, you’ll be able to cope with any problems. Many people have become calm and deliberate after starting learning tai chi chuan. People’s temperament changes when they become healthy.

     2. Everyone has own treasure in each mind. Some doesn’t realize to have them. And some are hiding them inside. Tai chi chuan helps you to find what your treasure is and makes you happier with it.

     3. When you do tai chi chuan, you should have calm mind, relax, and breathe slowly. Then your autonomic nerves work properly.

     4. If you can thank to God, people, and everything, you won’t have bad feelings. When you do tai chi chuan, you should pray everyone’s health and happiness. There, you have calm mind and your anger or sadness disappear without notice. One day, I was upset when someone misunderstood me. I tried to clear up the misunderstanding and gave a phone call to the person. But he wasn’t there. So I was going to try to call later and started practicing tai chi chuan with my friends. I noticed, however, that I had dwelled on a small thing, and stopped calling after the practice.

     5. We should eat and move properly everyday for our health. Everyone knows that. But it’s more important to have calm mind. Impatience, anger, hatred, and all negative feelings interfere with your health. When you do tai chi chuan, leave everything up to God or the universe. Then you can move naturally.

     6. Don’t you think people whose faces look bright have good posture? Yes, improving your posture is very important for your health. If you try to keep good posture, you’ll become positive and healthy.

     7. Living is moving your body. Moving your body is a tip for your health. Do you know there’re three ways for curing sickness? The first one is using medicine; the second one is bringing out your self-healing power in you, and the third one is trying not to cure. Maybe the third one is difficult to understand. It means to believe something. And tai chi chuan is the third one itself. So believe this. Tai chi chuan makes you healthy and happy.

     Actually, Mr. Yang Ming Shih wrote more in his book. I just picked some up from it. But I think his main points are doing tai chi chuan breathing slowly with calm mind for your health and happiness. His words heal my mind. But am I living up to his philosophy? Noooooooo! I can understand his ideas and they’re really wonderful! But you know, doing something practically is difficult even if you know it’s very good for yourself. Actually, I’ve been dwelling on something recently. I’m now trying to drive it away from my mind, but it doesn’t work well. I’m disappointed and have lost confidence. I can feel happy some time a day though. Ahh…OK. I’ll do tai chi chuan more! For myself and for people who I love!


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