Chapter 2: Breath 6-12 (Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement)


Lessons of Mind, Breath, and Movement by Yang Ming Shih

Chapter 2: Breath 6 – 12 

     6. If once you start moving your body, you should be lightly and lively. The most important thing is that you should concentrate your spirit into your spine and stand up with a straight back.

     7. I concentrate my attention on my soles when I go down the stairs or a slope. If you lose your step or slip, it’s because that you don’t think anything about your soles when you walk. In tai chi chuan, we consider feet are very important. Your energy is born from your sole and it goes up through your legs and to your hip. In both of martial arts and dances, the pivot of the movement is your hip. And the beauty of your fingers results from the movement which starts at your soles and goes through your legs and hips.

     8. If you are complaining that you are not given something, it’s because you are not calling for it. Stop mourning over your unhappiness, start looking for your happiness.

     9. How many worries we have! No one want to be unhappy though…Yes, we human being is too week to overcome difficulties. But you can fill with happy feelings your mind, and it makes you forget your worries. Breathe slowly and do tai chi chuan with calm mind, and hope your happiness.

     10. Who cures you is yourself. Of course, doctors will help you. But can they loosen your body up? Can they calm your mind? Or can medicines do that? No, they can’t. Only you can. You have to calm yourself down and try to forget all worries. Breathe slowly and move your body. You’ll be able to keep you healthy.

     11. A leaf, it’s beautiful. But leafy trees give us a pleasant place. We human being is the same. Each person is a treasure. Everyone wants to be happy, but you know, it’s impossible that only you are happy. It’s important to hope not only oneself but also other people’s health and happiness.

     12. If you get sick, you should breathe slowly, try to ease your tiredness physically and mentally, have a good rest, and have nutritious food moderately. You have self-healing power. You should try to draw your own power out. Even if the medicine is great, what cures you is yourself not the medicine.


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